Frequently Asked Question

What happens in the event of a dispute between vendors and customers?

Customtru has rules on specific dispute situations with procedures to resolve any issues fairly without bias and designed to protect both parties.

What is a Trupper?

Truppers are agents, outfitters, or sales representatives working in partnership with Customtru and ensure vendors deliver the best products and services and make sure Customers are satisfied with their experiences.

What happens if completed product is too tight or too loose?

If product is too tight or too loose, the customer has an option to return it either in person if the vendor is local or to Customtru affiliated tailors for adjustments. If it is too tight that it cannot be fixed, the Customer gets a replacement made by the vendor for free.

Placing a new order?

All orders are packed and sent out by the retailer stocking your item.

What happens if my fabric is ruined?

If a customer provided fabric and the fabric is ruined by the vendor during an order fulfilment process, you get a replacement fabric/order by the vendor who ruined it if it is the vendor’s fault. If the fault is because the customer provided wrong measurements, the vendor will not be held liable and the customer will lose 100% of amount paid for the product or service. In instances where a customer wants a return or replacement based on issues such as color of fabric, quality of fabric, and other aesthetics or cosmetic works that should have been addressed before order processing commences, then the customers lose %100 of payments.

What happens if the customer refuses to pay after completion of the order?

Customtru payment policies will ensure such incidences never occur because 100% of payments are made upfront and held in an escrow, only 30% of the payments is released to the vendor once all order requirements are met and order fulfilment processes begins.

Who delivers the completed product?

Vendors are responsible for logistics and ensuring the completed product gets to the customers. However, in the spirit of empowering vendors and customers to enjoy the most seamless and reliable services, we would partner with logistic companies that will support our users more effectively and efficiently.

What happens if the vendor delivers later than agreed estimated time?

Because there will be consistent communication where customers can be updated frequently, we do not anticipate such issues, however, if customers get their product later than agreed the customer will be refunded 65% of payment while the vendor is penalized by being rated poorly and downgraded on the platform until the services improve under a probationary period.

How do vendors get measurements detail?

NOTE: We are working on a technology that lets users take measurements using their mobile devices. This feature will be in the next versions of Customtru.

IF YOU HAVE MEASUREMENTS: If you have your measurements, either the vendors or Customtru Truppers will work with you to ensure the measurements are accurate. Once the accuracy is confirmed, your measurements are stored on your account and can be used for future orders - of course with frequent follow-ups in the event of any physical changes in body.

MEASURE YOURSELF If you do not have your measurements, you can either do it yourself using a simple process that guides you through taking your own measurement yourself or with the help of a friend. The process of taking your own measurements only takes about 5 minutes.

SCHEDULE A FITTING You can also schedule a fitting during which your measurements will be taken among to other relevant fitting information.

Schedule a fitting at vendor’s or affiliate location: You can schedule a fitting by visiting the vendors location or other Customtru trained affiliate including Truppers.

Schedule a fitting at your own preferred location: You can schedule a fitting at a specific location of your choice. However, Customtru recommends using office addresses and other public or landmark locations as part of our users safety and privacy. Home addresses are not recommended for fittings - this service may be at an additional cost charged to customers depending on vendors service offerings.

Virtually: You can also schedule a fitting virtually where either the vendor, a Trupper, or other Customtru affiliates walks you through how to take your measurements during a video call. For now, virtual fitting is done through whatsapp, skype, or facetime, at least until a specific feature is built in later versions.

NOTE: Depending on the vendor’s service offerings or at discretion of Customtru, a free measuring tape will be sent to customers to take their measurements by themselves or virtually with someone’s help.